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Cloud is the way to go for small businesses

Triton’s cloud infrastructure hits a particular sweet spot for small businesses. Simply put, cloud allows you to access your secure network from anywhere at any time while avoiding the expenditures of onsite servers and licensing. Our partnership will allow you to reap the benefits of an enterprise network while not having to deploy physical infrastructure like file and e-mail servers, storage systems, or shrink-wrapped software. This means hassle-free collaboration between business locations and employees. Most of today’s small business technology needs can be fulfilled almost completely within our cloud-based offerings.

Reap the Benefits of Cloud Computing

Triton’s Cloud-computing services require no software or hardware purchases thus keeping valuable working capital within your business. Triton’s Cloud-computing fees for businesses are subscription-based. The solutions we offer are affordable and encompasses a turnkey solution that will allow your company to be more productive while being able to budget your IT costs. One benefit of the Cloud is that it’s easily scalable. Triton's solutions can work for businesses with five employees or 5,000. Our Cloud-based service is nimble because it grows as your business grows. No more costly Server and software upgrades every few years. We provide you with access to the latest state of the art equipment available as well as your own IT department and helpdesk support. The Answer is simple, Call us today and start reaping the benefits of the Cloud.

Savings On your IT Infrastructure

Server & Workstation hardware No More servers to purchase!

No need to upgrade servers or workstations every 3 to 5 Years

IT Staff/Consultants
  • Staffing can be minimized existing Staff are better utilized for business
  • No need to hire outside consultants
  • Increased Productivity and efficiency
  • Repeated IT disruptions, crisis or downtimes are almost null
  • Installations, configurations and upgrades are automatic maintenance is our job, not yours
  • Since everything is in the cloud, staff can easily work from home and greatly save on gas
Utility Expenses
  • Server electrical costs are 100% eliminated (A savings of up to $300 per server per year!)
  • Additional air conditioning costs to offset the heat generated from workstations
  • Power Systems for server’s reduced cabling and switches/routers costs

Cloud Security

The reason most small businesses are leery of adopting cloud computing is due to the misconception that cloud computing is very costly and is something available only to enterprise businesses. Well, Cloud technology has brought about a quantum leap in cost efficiency and convenience.

What is clear though is that a lot of smaller businesses are inadvertently passing up the chance to save money and improve efficiency – and it’s most likely due to a misunderstanding of what cloud computing can do.

It just plain makes more sense to keep data in a location other than the computer you’re immediately using. That’s the reason why most of us use email hosted by a 3rd party, for instance.

But you’d be surprised that a lot of small business owners and entrepreneurs don’t know you can do the same with everything in one bundled solution.

Cloud computing, has dramatically lowered barriers that have prevented small businesses from operating as efficiently as much bigger ones. Triton’s goal from the beginning was to provide this enterprise class solution to the small business market at an affordable rate and we have achieved that.

With our Premier cloud Solution you can't look at it as an expense but an investment into the way you operate - Over time it will save you money with increased productivity and eliminate unexpected costly hardware or software purchases.


  • PCI compliant infrastructure
  • 24x7x365 server monitoring
  • Sophisticated, multi-level data protection
  • No more lost data or security breaches if hard drives crash
  • Professional, always-open Help Desk services
  • Repairs, upgrades and OS/application updates are instant and done
  • Never wait for a technician again or play the do-it-yourself game!
  • Onsite hardware replacements


  • Never run out of disk space again
  • Add new servers within minutes
  • No waiting weeks to order, ship, install and configure
  • Create temporary development environments with the ability to simulate your entire infrastructure
  • Augment your networks with extra domain controllers, share point/web servers
  • Offsite storage and multiple email or database servers
  • Reclaim/save office space used for server room


  • No more products or equipment to purchase
  • Server and workstation electrical costs virtually eliminated
  • No need to purchase backup batteries/power systems for servers
  • Reduced cabling and switches/routers
  • Major savings from increased productivity and reduced staffing needs

Quality System

  • A network designed to “Best Practices” specifications
  • Your configuration is “right the first time”
  • Servers and desktops are fully managed
  • Expert professionals
  • Reduced carbon footprint


  • Guaranteed 99.99% uptime
  • No more downtime from viruses, spyware or workstation issues
  • No more wasted time or hassles with backups, warranty upgrades
  • Secure remote access from any location
  • No Large bandwidth requirements
  • Guaranteed business continuity

  • “Cloud allows you to access your secure network from anywhere at any time while avoiding the expenditures of onsite servers and licensing.”

    Triton Communications
  • “Triton’s Cloud-computing services require no software or hardware purchases thus keeping valuable working capital within your business.”